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Frequently Asked Questions
Learn about becoming a matchmaker on Arrow.
What is Arrow?

Arrow is a crowdsourced matchmaking platform that is a great way to find love. Members post a bounty and then receive Prospect recommendations from Matchmakers.

Who should use Arrow?

Arrow is designed for Members (people looking for a serious relationship who can post a bounty of at least $5,000) and for Matchmakers (people who want to set up their friends and get paid if it works out!).

Is Arrow a dating app?

No. We’re more similar to a matchmaking service. Dating apps are great, and we encourage single people to use them, but “swipe fatigue” is real and we believe that Arrow is a great option for many people.

How is Arrow different from a traditional matchmaking service?

With traditional matchmaking, clients pay a small fortune up-front (typically $10,000 at the very least, often much more) and then only get access to one or several matchmakers with a very limited pool of potential matches. With Arrow, Members owe nothing until they find what they’re looking for, and they get access to not one Matchmaker but rather a crowdsourced network of many matchmakers.

How exactly does Arrow work, if I’m a Matchmaker?

Fill out the Matchmaker application. Once you're accepted from the waitlist, click “Create Prospect Profile” for each single friend you’d potentially like to set up. Each of these Prospects will receive a notification and can either create their own profile or ask you to do it. Once you have at least one Prospect profile, browse through the various Members. If you see a potentially good match, you can recommend the Prospect to the Member. If the Member says yes, the Prospect will then be shown the Member’s profile. If Member and Prospect have both said yes, you as the Matchmaker should schedule a first date that is convenient for both parties.

Could you tell me more about these bounties?

Members post a bounty or referral bonus to encourage Matchmakers to send them Prospects. Arrow accepts any bounty of at least $5,000. In the event of success (becoming engaged or being in a two-year committed relationship, whichever comes first), the Member pays the full bounty. Arrow keeps 25% of the full bounty amount, and the remainder (minus money transfer fees) goes to the Matchmaker.

How does Arrow make sure that Members will actually pay their bounties?

Contractually, via social pressure, and via karma. A Member who reaches their bounty and doesn’t pay is essentially stealing money from their new significant other’s good friend. And karma matters too–at Arrow, we trust people and think that most people will do the right thing.

Could you give me a numerical example of how the bounty works?

Sure. Let’s say a Member posts a bounty of $10,000. If the Member reaches their milestone (getting engaged or having a two-year committed relationship via an Arrow introduction, whichever comes first), the Member will send Arrow the full amount of $10,000. Arrow keeps 25% (so $10,000 * 0.25 = $2,500). Arrow pays the remainder, minus money transfer fees, to the Matchmaker. Assuming money transfer fees of 2%, the Matchmaker would receive $10,000 * (1-0.25) * (1-0.02) = $7,350. Arrow reserves the right to change these percentages at any time, with or without notice, though introductions that have already happened will be governed by the previous percentages.

If I’m a Matchmaker, when do I get paid?

You get paid when a Member reaches their milestone with a Prospect that you introduced to the Member AND the Member pays their bounty. You’ll be paid within 45 days of Arrow’s receipt of Member’s bounty payment. If, for any reason, the Member does not pay the bounty, the Matchmaker unfortunately does not get paid.

I’m a Matchmaker–Are there ways that I can learn more about a Member, so I don’t feel like I’m introducing my Prospect friends to a stranger?

Absolutely. Read the Member’s profile, then feel free to message the Member or even set up a call or video chat.

Can I apply to be a Matchmaker even if I have no experience as a matchmaker?

Yes. Arrow believes that as long as you have at least one cool single friend who you’d like to set up, you can be a good matchmaker.

Can I apply to be both a Member and a Matchmaker?


I'm still on the waitlist--How can I get accepted more quickly?

Refer your friends! You'll see a referral link on your waitlist dashboard when you log in. Referring more people will increase your chances of being admitted quickly!

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